“GRANMIK” company is more than 12 years in granite production, processing and delivery sphere!

GRANMIK” company is more than 12 years in granite production, processing and delivery sphere! We deliver our products to more than 12 countries: Ukraine, Poland, countries of European Union and CIS. We have our own quarry and in 2015 we’ve built new manufacture in order to satisfy demand of our products!

Our main specialization is production of decorative and constructional use granite and gabbro. Since our company works in this sphere our specialists became experts in natural stone processing sphere!



Own quarry!

Our main specialization is gabbro processing and production from our own quarry. Besides our own production we use materials from Zhytomyr region:

Gabbro: Bukinskiy, Golovinskiy, Korostyshevskiy deposits;
Granite: Pokostovskiy, Mezherechenskiy, Korninskiy, Emel’yanovskiy, Simonovskiy, Vasil’yevskiy, Rogovskiy, Chovnovskiy, Leznikovskiy deposits;
Labradorite: Golovinskiy, Ocheretyanskiy, Osnykovskiy deposits.



New production with modern equipment!

There is high tech branded modern equipment on our production, which allows us to produce different decorative natural stone products: tiles, setts, slabs, large size granite slabs, paving slabs, wall stone, frieze, stairs.

The slab’s size and forms produced in our company can be various. Their lenght is in the range of 2000x3000 mm, width - 200-1500 mm, deph - 20-200mm.



Decoration Materials

Columns, steps, stairs, balusters, window sills, countertops, facing slabs, etc.

Road surface

Road paving and paving slabs, curbs, protective plates.

Semi-finished products and raw materials

Granite slabs



“GRANMIK” company provides full delivery range of our products to Ukraine, countries of European Union, CIS and other regions with machine and carriage batches. Our logistics managers will guide your order on all delivery phases - from production to yor place.

Our high quality products and exact delivery terms - these are the main rules of our company!



address: Ukraine, Zhytomyr region, city Korostyshev, str. Zavodskaya 10v

E-mail: office@granmik.com

Sales department: +38 097 986 74 84

Accounting: +38 098 580 95 31

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